Republican Resigns From National Labor Relations Board Over Leaks To Ex-Romney Aide

Terence Flynn has resigned his position on the National Labor Relations Board following an Inspector General report which found he improperly leaked internal information to two former members of the board who are now working in the private sector, one of whom worked for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.Flynn’s case has been referred to the Justice Department and to the Office of Special Counsel, which investigates possible violations of the Hatch Act (a law banning federal employees from engaging in certain types of partisan political activity).

The Inspector General report did not say that Flynn took any actions to benefit the Romney campaign. The leaks were made to Peter Schaumber, who had been co-chairman of Romney’s labor advisory committee and left the campaign in December after the Inspector General investigation began, according to the New York Times.

The report found that Flynn helped Schaumber write an opinion column on one of the board’s decisions. The Inspector General report called it an an “abuse of [Flynn’s] discretion.”

Correction: Schaumber, not Flynn, worked for Romney campaign.