Report: Weiner Paid Private Investigators To Look Into Twitter Crotch Shot ‘Hack’

A $13,290 payment to a private investigation firm for “legal services” appears on the Federal Election Commission report filed by former Rep. Anthony Weiner’s campaign, a payment sources tell the New York Daily News was for an investigation into who “hacked” Weiner’s Twitter account to post a photo of his underwear-clad lower torso.Weiner, of course, later admitted that the photo (and others that emerged) were sent by him, forcing his resignation in June after records of his other online communications of a sexual nature emerged.

At the time of the scandal, Weiner said he was retaining counsel over the matter and said he hired an unnamed private security firm to investigate.

The firm which received the Weiner campaign’s Dec. 30 payment, T&M Protective Services, “provides a variety of discreet investigative services for corporate and private clients,” according to its website. It wasn’t clear why the payment was made in December for services apparently rendered during the second quarter of the year. The Weiner campaign, which closed out the year with $25,311 in cash on hand, also made a number of payments to Verizon and AT&T during the fourth quarter of the year.