Report: Feds Eyeing Crist Role In Probe Of Florida GOP Spending

ZUMA Press/Newscom

Earlier this week we learned that federal authorities are investigating Florida Senate candidate Marco Rubio. Now, the St. Petersburg Times reports that investigators are interested in the role of Rubio’s opponent, Gov. Charlie Crist, in the seemingly ever-expanding scandal over lavish spending at the state GOP.

The paper, which has been on a roll with this story, talked to a GOP fundraiser named Al Hoffman, who says he was interview by the FBI last month:

“Definitely they asked about the relationship between the Crist campaign and the party, relative to the co-mingling of funds. … I believe they’re after any federal election law violations, tax avoidance issues, and criminal fraud.”

It was no secret [GOP chair Jim] Greer was aggressively promoting Crist’s campaign, but it could be a violation of federal election law subject to civil penalties for the state party to pay for a federal candidate’s expenses.

The whole story, which also details Greer’s liberal use of a GOP credit card, is here.