Reckless Justice, Day One

Apparently all that talk of cooler heads on Capitol Hill considering the FBI’s raid of Jefferson’s Congressional office this weekend wasn’t worth much.

Day One of Judiciary Committee Chairman James Sensenbrenner’s “Reckless Justice” hearings was today. And after calling the decision to authorize the raids “profoundly disturbing,” Sensenbrenner went on to explain his plans for the hearings:

Representative Sensenbrenner said that … he would call Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and F.B.I. officials to testify. He also said the committee was considering drafting legislation that would specifically protect materials used in making laws.

Huh. The FBI and Justice Department are in talks with the House counsel over how to handle searches of Congressional offices, and meanwhile Sensenbrenner is talking about legislating his way through the problem. Don’t you think that might irk some people at the FBI and DoJ?

Like I said last week, this fight is going to last for a while.