Poll: Christians More Likely To Want Park51 Moved Than Muslims, Jews, Atheists

Christians — including Catholics, Mormons and Protestants — are more likely to think the Park51 Islamic center in downtown Manhattan should be re-located further away from Ground Zero than non-Christians, says a new poll.

The media furor around the planned community center, which will include a prayer space, has died down. But the center is still being planned and it’s unlikely to escape controversy between now and its completion.According to Gallup, Muslims, Jews, atheists and other non-Christians are more likely to suggest that the community center stay in its planned location or be changed to an interfaith institution.

But more than 60 percent of Catholics and Mormons said the site should be moved, as did 49 percent of Protestants.

By contrast, 14 percent of Muslims, 32 percent of atheists and agnostics, and 43 percent of Jews thought the site should be moved.