Pawlenty Brings $100K Check To Alabama GOP. Who’s The Mystery Donor?

m42/ZUMA Press/Newscom

On Friday, Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota gave a speech to Republican Party activists in Montgomery, Alabama. But Pawlenty, who’s seen as a top GOP presidential contender for 2012, brought something with him besides his notes, reports Minnesota Public Radio: a $100,000 check for the Alabama Republican Party, from an anonymous donor.

The existence of the check — said to be earmarked to help Alabama GOPers win control of the state legislature — was announced, before Pawlenty’s speech, by Alabama Republican chair Mike Hubbard. (You can listen to the audio of Hubbard’s announcement here)The Alabama GOP wouldn’t tell MPR who the money came from. Pawlenty’s office was also tight-lipped. But the mystery donor’s identity will come out sooner or later, since state disclosure laws require it. A spokesman for the state party told MPR it would comply with those laws. The next filing deadline for campaign finance activity in Alabama is April 12th, according to MPR.

That’s not for a while, though. So we’re going to see if we can pry the information loose before then. We’ll keep you posted…

Late Update: That was quick! It was Swift Boat backer Bob Perry, says Pawlenty.