Murkowski’s Husband Fears Ethics Investigation

It’s too bad the construction work on Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s new lot has come to a stop because of a possible ethics investigation, Murkowski’s husband said on an Alaska talk radio show last week.

Murkowski’s husband, Verne Martell, ran through how he and his wife came to buy the property from millionaire real estate developer Bob Penney with radio show host Rick Rydell last Wednesday. Martell said that when it came time to sign the paperwork, Murkowski still had some reservations about it.

“But yeah, when we signed the loan, Lisa signed on it and said, you know, this might come back to bite us. Well, you know, we’ll deal with that when it comes,” Martell said.

Looks like Martell should have listened to his wife. The Washington Post and other national media have picked up the AP’s story on the scandal this weekend, and possibly even more damaging for Murkowski, the Anchorage Daily News ran a scathing editorial about the deal.

Here’s the audio from Martell’s radio interview. It’s well worth a listen:

Update: Reader AR notes that Martell also upends Bob Penney’s claim that he didn’t know what the assessed value was on the property.