Michigan Asst. AG Temporarily Suspended After Attacking Gay Student On His Blog

Michigan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell has been temporarily suspended, pending a hearing by the AG’s office over his blog posts that targeted a University of Michigan student for being gay.

[Late Update: Shirvell has been fired. Read the whole story here.]Shirvell was banned from the University of Michigan campus and took a leave of absence after repeatedly blogging about U of M class president Chris Armstrong’s “radical homosexual agenda,” and harassing him on campus.

Shirvell returned from the leave of absence last Friday, and faced a disciplinary hearing by the Attorney General. It will continue tomorrow.

The Detroit News reports that John Sellek, a spokesman for Attorney General Mike Cox, said: “Because we are extending the hearing, we placed him on administrative paid leave.”

The University of Michigan also lifted its ban of Shirvell last week, though stipulated that he cannot have contact with Armstrong while on campus. Shirvell threatened to sue the school a few weeks ago if it did not lift the ban.

And in case you missed it, watch Jason Jones interview Shirvell on the Daily Show:

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Full coverage of Shirvell here.