Mejias Drops NY State Senate Bid After Ex-Girlfriend-Stalking Incident

David Mejias has dropped his bid for New York State Senate, following an incident in which he was arrested for “second-degree menacing, second-degree reckless endangerment and third-degree stalking” of his ex-girlfriend.

Mejias explained his decision in a press conference last week: “Albany is broken. Dysfunction, corruption, and special interests run rampant. The voters deserve a real debate on the issues. My continued candidacy would replace a meaningful debate about the future of our great state with distraction and sensationalism. Long Island deserves better.”He was arrested September 1, after his ex-girlfriend reported that Mejias had followed her in his car, and then, according to a press release provided by the Nassau County Police Department, “the defendant passed her and abruptly stopped causing the victim to stop her vehicle. Mejias exited his vehicle and approached the victim yelling and screaming at her. When the victim drove away from the scene the defendant continued to follow her.”

Mejias defended himself in the presser last Thursday, Capitol Confidential reports:

However, I do want to set the record straight regarding some erroneous reports on the incident.

1. This was a brief verbal dispute in which there was no physical injury, no physical contact, and no property damage.
2. This was completely a chance encounter during which no one was run off the road or chased out of their car.
3. This brief verbal dispute involved a business dispute, nothing else.

Any inference that this incident involved domestic violence is categorically wrong.

All of that said, I deeply regret what happened. I said some hurtful and even immature things and for that I am sincerely sorry.