Markopolos To Mobsters: “I’m the Good Guy Here.”

Harry Markopolos, the Bernard Madoff whistleblower, ended his testimony about an hour ago. But before he did, he fleshed out his thoughts about Madoff’s ties to organized crime.

In a remarkable moment, Markopolos even addressed the mobsters directly, arguing — in an apparent effort to convince them not to go after him — that he was protecting them Madoff’s scheme.

Here’s the exchange with Rep. Gary Ackerman:

ACKERMAN: I’m talking about, when you talk about the Russian mob and organized crime, these are people who invested through European investors or European feeder funds?

MARKOPOLOS: Correct. And I didn’t fear of them, and I didn’t think they were going to come after me, I want to make this perfectly clear to all those Russian mobsters and Latin American drug cartels out there…

ACKERMAN: You’re talking directly to them.

MARKOPOLOS: I was acting on your behalf trying to stop him from zeroing out your accounts. I’m the good guy here. Just like to make that clear.

ACKERMAN: Uh, yeah I think we registered that.

Here’s the video: