Man Accused Of Threatening Bennet Wants To Be Treated Like Charlie Sheen And Mel Gibson

A Colorado man who allegedly threatened to shoot up Sen. Michael Bennet’s office back in January has written a rambling eight-page letter to a federal judge asking for a new lawyer and demanding to be treated just like Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson.

In the letter, John Troy Davis — who allegedly claimed in phone calls to Bennet’s office that he is a schizophrenic — says he wants to become famous by becoming a preacher.Federal officials said Davis contacted Bennet’s office for a hearing on his Social Security benefits. In early January, he allegedly said he was “just going to come down there and shoot you all” and later said he “may go to terrorism.”

Davis was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation after his arrest in January, and in May a judge ruled him incompetent to stand trial. He was ordered hospitalized for no longer than four months so it could be determined whether there was substantial probability he would attain his capacity.

In his hand-written letter to the judge, Davis request to appeal his competency hearing and says he called the Senator’s office for help getting Social Security. He wrote his parents had custody of his child but “do not have the love to raise a child” and he wanted to attain his Social Security benefits to help him pay a lawyer to regain custody. According to his letter, his first wife died a year and seven months after his first child was born

“Ther [sic] should be a [sic] award for helping bring our child into the world,” Davis writes. “My story is like Joseph in the Bible. I would like my charges drop or reduced.”

“Two Hollywood actor, Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen had the same problem as mine, they only got restaning order, the charge is reducable,” Davis writes. “The two Hollywood actor have drug, Alcohol, and behavior problem. I do not have drug alcohol, and behavior problem. It would seem I would be treated more favorable, then my charge would be reduced?”

Read the full letter here.

Additional reporting by Zoe Schlanger.