Jon Stewart On Koran Burners: ‘Who’s Funding These Radical Christian Clerics?’ (VIDEO)

Jillian Rayfield

Jon Stewart was very troubled last night by Terry Jones, the Florida pastor who is planning to burn copies of the Koran on September 11. “I’m seeing a pattern now of extremism in Christianity that a lot of Americans are finding very troubling,” he said.

But Daily Show correspondent John Oliver defended Christians: “That radical hate-spewing extremist does not reflect the views of the vast majority of moderate, peaceful Christians. In fact, this man is fucking crazy. He no more represents Christians than Dr. Laura represents the United Negro College Fund.”

But Stewart still had questions: “Where’s the money coming from for these extremists? Who’s funding these radical Christian clerics?”When Oliver tried to argue that there is “nothing nefarious” about their source of funds, Stewart fired back: “Apart from the fact that they have tax-exempt status. That means that Pastor Terry Jones is being bankrolled by the United States government! That is state-supported extremism!”

Oliver wasn’t having it: “That’s right, Jon. Our Muslim president is funding Christian extremists. Nice try.”


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