James Tobin: Phone Jammer and Do-Gooder

James Tobin, the biggest wig yet to fall for the 2002 New Hampshire phone jamming, is up to be sentenced next Wednesday.

Yesterday, the Justice Department requested a sentence of 18 to 24 months in the clink.

Tobin’s lawyers have countered with a request for “probation, a fine, and community service.” And, as is usually the case with such requests, to show the judge that Tobin deserves his mercy, Tobin’s lawyers have wrung his life of every last good deed. So he conspired to deprive New Hampshirans of their right to vote. Did you know that he also leads a group of volunteers at a soup kitchen? Not bad for a political saboteur.

You can see the tally here. Or, if that whets your curiosity, you can read the whole thing over at The Senate Majority Project.

Update: For the sake of balance, here’s the sentencing memorandum by the New Hampshire Democratic Party.