Indicted Alaska Rep To Constituents: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

State Rep. Vic Kohring (R-AK) is asking his constituents today in an Anchorage Daily News op-ed if he should resign over federal extortion, bribery and conspiracy charges.

Kohring was charged last month with selling his vote on a petroleum tax last year to a local oil servives company Veco Corp. Two top Veco executives have pled guilty to bribery and conspiracy charges in a cash-for-votes style scheme that has drawn politicians at both the local and federal levels into the investigation.

Some members of Kohring’s district have started circulating a recall petition and top Republicans in the legislature have visited Kohring’s house asking him to step down.

Kohring recently said he would make a decision about whether to leave office by June 19. Here is a piece of the call to his Wasilla constituents:

Predictably the media has virtually tried me in their front pages and TV news stories. But my friends and supporters, gosh, I really thank all of them; they have stood by me loyally, telling me they know I’m innocent….

I have sought advice from family, friends and supporters on whether or not it is in the best interest of everyone involved to remain in the Legislature while these charges create a cloud over me. I ask you, my constituents, to provide me your sincere opinions on whether or not I should remain or step down….

The issue is actually very simple. Can I or can I not adequately represent you while I wait for these charges to be resolved at trial?

Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) admitted last week that the FBI Veco probe has now touched him and his son, former State Senate president Ben Stevens (R-AK).