In NH, Scandal Gives GOP Gov Hopeful Bad Start

Just one day after officially opening his campaign office, the GOP’s New Hampshire gubernatorial candidate was hit with the news that his PAC’s treasurer had been sued for lying in financial documents.

In 2000, shareholders sued Glenn DiBenedetto and other officials of the Del.-based PressTek company, charging they “issued false and misleading reports, misstated earnings, and failed to correct analysts’ reports concerning Presstek that contained inflated financial projections,” New Hampshire Public Radio reported. DiBenedetto, now treasurer for the Friends of Jim Coburn PAC, was Presstek’s chief financial officer.Coburn told NHPR DiBenedetto was “an honest man” and that he knew nothing of the suit, which the company settled for $20 million. His campaign spokeswoman, Alicia Preston, said, “when people sue companies they name anyone they can. . . this guy wasn’t involved in whatever that wrongdoing was.”

Coburn was facing an uphill battle already: his main opponent, the incumbent governor Democrat John Lynch, has an approval rating in the 60s. This won’t make things easier. Here’s to a better tomorrow, Jim.