More Light Shines on Duke Stonewall Complaint

For the last few days, the Pentagon’s lead criminal investigator in the Duke Cunningham corruption probe has made cryptic public complaints of non-cooperation about the now-imprisoned lawmaker.

The investigator, Rick Gwin, made more comments yesterday, this time to the San Diego Union-Tribune. He won’t come out and say it — yet — but it sounds like he’s not complaining about Duke as much as he is the prosecutors.

[Gwin’s] agents haven’t been able to get to the Butner Federal Correctional Complex in North Carolina to start the interrogation.

“We’re just looking for the opportunity, in the future, to come down and debrief him,” said Rick Gwin, special agent in charge of the Western regional office of the Defense Criminal Investigative Service, one of three agencies investigating the case . . .

Gwin said his agency has asked the U.S. Attorney’s Office in San Diego for an opportunity to question the former congressman.

“I think that’s under way,” he said.

Sound to anyone else like Gwin’s subtly accusing the San Diego U.S. attorneys of foot-dragging?