Norquist: The Heat Is On

For quite awhile, Grover Norquist has stood blithely in the eye of the hurricane as his pals Jack Abramoff and Ralph Reed have been swept up in bad publicity. Maybe that’s changing. As we noted below, the Senate Finance Committee is ramping up their investigation of Abramoff’s sham charities. They will no doubt be giving Grover’s Americans for Tax Reform a hard look.

And today CREW filed a complaint with the IRS – pointing out that it’s not exactly in ATR’s mission statement to be a money-laundering operation for Jack Abramoff. Ask not for whom the bell tolls? Oh, but if there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that Grover will NOT go easily.

For those eager for all the gruesome details, we have a rundown of Grover’s shenanigans with Abramoff here.