Terry Nelson Got Around

Below we noted that John McCain’s new “senior aide” Terry Nelson played a central role in the money laundering scheme for which Tom DeLay is being prosecuted in Texas.

But 2002 was a busy year for Terry Nelson.

He was deputy chief of staff of the Republican National Committee, where in addition to being in a position to funnel money back to Texas congressional candidates, he was the superior of one James Tobin, the New England political director for the RNC. Tobin, you’ll remember, was convicted late last year for his role in a scheme to jam the phone lines for Democratic get-out-the-vote efforts.

Maybe Nelson had nothing to do with it. But if he didn’t, it makes you wonder why he was on the government’s witness list to testify at Tobin’s trial. He was never called, so it’s not clear what he knows, but clearly he knows enough that the government thought he might be helpful for their case.