Katherine Harris: Piling-On Edition

Here’s the kind of lede you never want to see as a candidate, particularly if you’re a makeup-happy Republican running for Senate in Florida: “Katherine Harris has seen better days.”

Or try this one: “If you heard a big implosion during the weekend, it may have been the sound of Katherine Harris’ campaign.”

Or, my favorite: “A yet-to-be-identified Hawaiian has almost as much of a chance of winning a seat in the U.S. Senate as Longboat Key Republican Katherine Harris[.]”

A yet-to-be-identified Hawaiian? Ouch. It was just a few checks, and dinner with a dirty contractor! And an attempted earmark. . . and. . .

Whatever words they use, it seems the press corps have spoken: Get a fork out, Mabel. I think she’s just about done.

If you want more evidence Harris is on the ropes — or if you ever wondered if politics is like junior high — here’s this: the latest blow to the Harris campaign is that Dick Cheney didn’t say her name at a recent Florida event.