Harris: In or Out?

The Florida press are having trouble believing Rep. Katherine Harris (R-FL), recipient of admitted felon Mitchell Wade’s dirty money, is actually going to stay in her Florida Senate race. For good reason, I think.

She stated emphatically yesterday she was staying in — although, reading her statement closely, she doesn’t commit much further than the present: “I am out there. We are running hard. We think we have great momentum.” (Her press secretary, however, said she was staying in until November.)

The Boca Raton News says this morning that “reliable sources” say Harris will be out in a week.The St. Petersburg Times tracked down similar rumors; despite Harris’ announcement yesterday, “talk persisted,” the Times reports.

And of course there’s Pittsburgh Steelers owner Tom Rooney, who says “extremely influential Republicans” are encouraging him to jump in the race, and he’s got a mind to do so.

Sources say just about the only person in Harris’ campaign who thinks she should stay in is the Recount Queen herself. Given her trouble raising money, attracting votes, garnering party support — even eliciting sympathy — it’s easy to see why her consultants and advisers would tell her to quit. If that’s so, how much longer can she hold out against their advice?