Harris: I’m All In

On FOX News Channel’s Hannity and Colmes, Rep. Katherine Harris (R-FL) tells America she’s not just staying in her Senate race, she’s staking millions from her personal fortune on it.

“I’m in this race, and I’m going to win,” she tells host Sean Hannity, who interviewed the Congresswoman sans his liberal sidekick, Alan Colmes.

Raising the image of her father’s death — “Sean, you were there that day,” she tells Hannity — Harris says, “he gave us a legacy of living a life of integrity.”

Harris said she was putting everything – her future, her reputation, “my father’s name” and “legacy,” $10 million of her inheritance, into her campaign.

Harris hired a top-gun lawyer two weeks ago, after she was named as a recipient of illegal campaign donations from MZM Inc. CEO Mitchell Wade, who has pleaded guilty to bribery and conspiracy. Harris attempted to insert a funding earmark that would benefit MZM — but she missed the deadline to get it included in the appropriations bill.

On H&C, Harris says she is spending her complete inheritance on the race in order to create “a referendum on reform and ethics.”

Of Wade’s contributions, Harris says “I didn’t [know]” they were illegal. “He was a bad guy.”