The Baghdad Bamboozler Strikes Yet Again!

Oh, Howard. Howard Kaloogian, a GOP candidate for Randy “Duke” Cunningham’s Congressional seat, came to our attention earlier this week when he misrepresented a photograph of a Turkish suburb as downtown Baghdad.

He apologized, and we were ready to move on. And then he pulled a similar stunt — falsely claiming an endorsement from a prominent GOP state senator.

And today we find he’s done it again! On his campaign Web site, Kaloogian lists the Center for Reclaiming America as endorsing his campaign. The right-wing Christian activist group was recently involved in a petition drive to keep Terry Schaivo’s feeding tube inserted.

But John Aman, the group’s media representative, said they have never endorsed Kaloogian. “The endorsement listed on the website is not correct. We don’t endorse candidates,” he told us.

When will this madness end?

Late Update: We missed one! The San Diego Union-Tribune discovered Kaloogian falsely claimed an endorsement from state Sen. Bill Morrow:

“Howard Kaloogian’s campaign Web site includes a picture and a quote from me from 2001 that implies that I have endorsed his candidacy for Congress,” Morrow, R-Carlsbad, said in a press release. “Howard knows that I have not endorsed his candidacy, and that I am running for the same congressional seat.”

Another Late Update: Jonathan Krive, spokesman for Kaloogian, called us back. “I think that’s just a mistake on the part of the webmaster,” he said. They gotta get a new webmaster.