VA Lawmaker: Despite MZM Dealings, Still No Call from Feds

Last week we learned the Feds have hit up Rep. Katherine Harris (R-FL) for information about her dealings with Mitchell Wade, the fraudster who’s confessed to giving fraudulent “straw” donations to Harris, former Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham (R-CA), and a third lawmaker: Rep. Virgil Goode (R-VA).

Bad news hit Goode’s re-election campaign this weekend, when an employee of Wade’s old company, MZM, pleaded guilty to making fraudulent contributions to Goode’s campaign, and agreed to cooperate with investigators. To date, Justice has stated only that they do not have any indication Goode was aware the donations were fake. But the plea deal from senior MZM exec Richard Berglund raises the question: what if he knows something?

Duke’s in jail, of course; and Harris is clearly an object of scrutiny for the Feds. But Goode, who took something close to $90,000 from Wade and other employees of his company, MZM — and helped win them a sweet deal for a Defense Department facility in Goode’s district — insists the Feds have yet to reach his doorstep.

“He has not been” contacted by the DoJ, Goode spokesman Linwood Duncan told me this morning. That’s about as flat a denial as one could ask for. Duncan had been more shaded in his comments to reporters this weekend, saying only that “as far as I know, nothing has changed” since March, when Goode had that he hadn’t been contacted by investigators.