WSJ: CIA Blocking Cunningham Investigation

The CIA is refusing to cooperate with federal prosecutors investigating the Duke Cunningham scandal, the Wall Street Journal‘s Scott Paltrow reports today.

Before getting caught in 2005, Cunningham was involved in a sprawling corruption ring between Congress and the national security community. The scandal allegedly enjoyed the participation of current and former CIA officials, including Kyle “Dusty” Foggo, the executive director of the agency. Foggo would be the highest-ranking CIA official to be prosecuted in the agency’s history, according to Paltrow.

Prosecutors had expected to indict Foggo several months ago, but the Agency’s refusal to declassify important documents has hampered their efforts, Paltrow reports.

Of course, prosecutors haven’t received much help from Congress with their investigation, either. Last month they were forced to serve subpoenas to several powerful committees in an effort to force them to turn over documents.

Foggo’s indictment — and possible plea bargain — would be a notable triumph for the Feds. For many months the case has stagnated, and observers have wondered if the investigation was hopelessly compromised. Nailing Foggo would also be important for prosecutors, as it would give them leverage to go after alleged Cunningham briber Brent Wilkes. Wilkes, who ran a government contracting business, was close with Foggo and is said to have worked closely with him. Despite being identified by Cunningham as a major briber, Wilkes has refused to plead guilty or cooperate with prosecutors.