CA Lawmaker Took Cuts from Crooked Campaign Cash

You knew that we’d gone a little too long without any new muck on Rep. John Doolittle (R-CA). Well, today’s San Diego Union-Tribune delivers.

Through his wife, Doolittle pocketed nearly $15,000 from his campaign contributions from Brent Wilkes, a key figure in the Cunningham bribery scandal, the SDUT is reporting this morning.

From his seat on the Appropriations Committee, Doolittle helped steer $37 million in contracts to one of Wilkes’ companies for a technology the Pentagon never asked for — in return, Doolittle got a hefty amount in contributions: $118,000 from Wilkes and his associates between 2002 and 2005. That’s more than Wilkes steered toward any other member of Congress, including Cunningham.

Doolittle is also under investigation for his connections to the Abramoff scandal. And it’s beginning to look like it’s going to be a really close call on which scandal ends up worse for Doolittle – Abramoff or Cunningham. More soon.