More Problems for DeLay?

This would seem to be a pecadillo by Tom DeLay’s standards, but a whopping fine from the FEC is not what he needs with all his financial strife at the moment. Remember, he’s got a defense fund to worry about.

It seems that the FEC had its curiosity piqued when it came across a disclosure for the sale of ARMPAC’s (DeLay’s political action committee) mailing list to DeLay’s Congressional Committee. The disclosure said that the list was worth $3,138.87. That seemed fishy to the FEC; and outside observers agree that it sounds way low. DeLay’s committee responded Friday to their inquiry by saying that the list was “valued by several vendors.” We’ll see if that satisfies the FEC.

Gary Bauer’s committees got hit with a $46,000 fine last year for a similar problem. $46,000…that’s at least two weeks’ worth of lawyering, no?