Von Spakovsky: 1982 Feels Just Like Yesterday

Rick Hasen over at Election Law Blog has a great find from a recent FOX News opinion piece written by legendary voter suppression guru Hans von Spakovsky:

One doesn’t have to look far to find instances of fraudulent ballots cast in actual elections by ‘voters’ who were the figments of active imaginations. In 1984, a district attorney in Brooklyn, N.Y. (a Democrat), released the findings of a grand jury that reported extensive registration and impersonation fraud between 1968 and 1982.

Other things that happened in 1982:

  • The end of commercial whaling
  • The first compact discs — commonly known as CDs — are released in Germany
  • The Double Stuf Oreo goes on sale.
  • The Dow hits an all-time high of 1,065.49.
  • Michael Jackson releases Thriller.
  • Time’s “Man of the Year” is given to the first non-human: The Computer.