Allen Admits To Bribing Ben Stevens

The mystery is solved! (Again) On the witness stand yesterday Bill Allen identified the “Senator B” in his guilty plea as former State Senator Ben Stevens (R-AK), son of Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK).

Allen pleaded guilty to paying Stevens “consulting fees” in exchange for votes — and made it clear that he’s a briber with a big heart.

As to Stevens, he started consulting for Veco in 1995, six years before he was appointed to the Senate, Allen said. “He was real good at details. He was like Pete [Kott]. He would work,” Allen said.

By the time Stevens was in the Senate, he had four kids, Allen noted. “How am I supposed to say ‘now that you’re a senator, Ben, I can’t give you more money,’ ” Allen testified. “I couldn’t do that.”

Politicians have mouths to feed too, after all.