The Daily Muck

Via Think Progress: The U.S. Attorney in Cleveland Greg White touted his hard work for the Bush campaign as a credential when he applied for the job, according to new documents, saying that his “record” as county chairman for the Bush campaign “speaks for itself.” (Columbus Dispatch)

Iraq war veterans are suing the Department of Veterans Affairs for illegally denying or delaying claims for mental health treatment and disability pay, claiming that there is a backlog of 600,000 disability payments for vets, inadequate treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder and other shortcomings in the VA. The suit names VA secretary Jim Nicholson and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales for failing to reform the system. (USA Today)

The U.S. ambassador in Iraq Ryan Crocker said Iraqis working for the American government in Iraq should be guaranteed refugee status so that they may enter the United States. Crocker said that if these Iraqis are not given the “hope” of a visa, they may quit. Although the Bush administration to give asylum to 7,000 Iraqis by this October, only 133 asylum requests have been granted since last October. (The Guardian)

Ex-Rep. John Sweeney (R-NY) is being accused by his wife Gayle of physically and verbally abusing her. Just days before Sweeney lost the midterm election, a police report surfaced in which Gayle Sweeney accused Rep. Sweeney of “knocking her around.” At the time, Mrs. Sweeney called the report a fake, but she has now confirmed that her soon-to-be ex-husband (who filed for divorce last month) was abusive and she was subsequently coerced during the election to deny the report. (The Politico)Via Think Progress: In June 2004, Cheney used an expletive against Senator Patrick Leahy in the Senate chamber and now we know why: Cheney thought Leahy was going in for a kiss, causing Cheney to recoil. Rather than smoothing over an awkward pause and saying he would like to take things slow, Cheney “dropped the F-bomb.” What would Mary Cheney think? (Think Progress)

Federal campaigns may no longer be all in the family. The House approved a measure yesterday that would bar campaigns to have candidates’ spouses on the payrolls and would require disclosure of payments by PACs to other immediate family members. According to a report released by watchdog group CREW, 60 current House members paid $5.1 million of campaign money to relatives. (AP)

James Tobin is set to go on trial. Again. If the name barely rings a bell, Tobin was accused in a GOP phone-jamming scandal in 2002. His last trial was overturned by the appeals court, which means we get to start all over again. (Betsy Devine)