Group Missed Oregon Primary Deadline, Too

As an update to my earlier post on the Women’s Vote Women’s Voices calls, we can show you an example of the voter registration packet the group has been sending out.

Thanks to TPM Reader PC, here is a mailer received by a reader in Oregon, one of the 24 states (pdf) where the group has sent mailers.

The mailer was addressed to PC‘s wife, and he says she received not one but two copies. He also notes that the mailer arrived just as the deadline to register in Oregon’s presidential primary passed. That’s been a persistent problem for the group, not only in North Carolina, but also in Virginia and Wisconsin. Wisconsin officials even issued a press release lecturing the group on its methods, saying that the forms would create more confusion and that voters who needlessly registered twice would have to re-register at the polling place because they’d registered past the primary deadline (Wisconsin allows same-day registration). “It’s unfortunate that such groups do not inform voters of our deadlines,” said Kevin Kennedy, director of the state Government Accountability Board.

So while the spokeswoman for the group told me that the North Carolina calls and mailers were a mix up, it seems that the group has gotten mixed up a number of times before.

Update: As Facing South notes, the mailers originally had language saying that recipients were “required” to mail back the form. That language was dropped after complaints in a number of states and from a number of state officials.