Penn. GOP Sues Over ACORN

The latest in the GOP’s actions against ACORN come in Pennsylvania, where Republicans have filed suit amid allegations that the group engaged in widespread voter registration fraud.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

The suit asks Commonwealth Court to force Pedro Cortés, Pennsylvania’s secretary of state, to ensure that the state database used by county elections officials to approve local registration applications is working properly. GOP officials said that they have had reports that the database is often down, creating a backlog of registrations.

The complaint also asks that the court require the state to provide a significantly larger number of provisional ballots at each polling place so that voters whose registrations have not been processed by Election Day can cast ballots. It also asks the court to order ACORN to provide a complete list of all the applications it has obtained and to fund public-service announcements informing first-time voters that they are required to show proof of identity before casting ballots.

Cortés called the suit frivolous and said the allegations are “aimed at doing nothing other than undermining voters’ confidence just 18 days before the election.”

“The fact that apparently fraudulent registrations have been identified is a testament to the safeguards we have in place to prevent ineligible voters from casting a ballot,” said Cortés, adding that the state has not received any complaints about the database system.