Conyers Considers “Criminal Referral” For Gonzales, Other DOJ Officials

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are talking about a criminal investigation for DOJ officials — Alberto Gonzales included.

Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said today’s report about politicization in at the DOJ suggests that former AG Alberto Gonzales and other Justice officials may have given false statements under oath before Congress.

Conyers said in a statement this morning:

The Report also indicates that Monica Goodling, Kyle Sampson, and Alberto Gonzales may have lied to the Congress about these matters. I have directed my staff to closely review this matter and to consider whether a criminal referral for perjury is needed.”

A spokesman for the committee said the committee’s lawyers are currently looking over the report and past testimony on the Hill.

That’s probably not as dramatic as it sounds. Any criminal referral would be passed on to DOJ, which has so far refused to appoint a special prosecutor for the matter. Attorney General Michael Mukasey has said he’s not going to pursue contempt referrals from Congress.