Feith Loses Teaching Gig

Georgetown students will no longer have the benefit of Douglas Feith’s insights into international law, his talent for seeing connections where others do not, or his ability to pack a PowerPoint presentation with punch. That’s because his time there is up:

Asked about Feith’s status, Robert Gallucci, dean of Georgetown’s foreign service school, told us that when Feith was hired — something that caused an uproar among the faculty — it was understood he “was on a two-year appointment.” Any decision not to renew should not be seen as “a judgment on his performance,” Gallucci said, noting that Feith’s students’ “course evaluations were really good.”

Feith, author of a bestseller about his Pentagon days called “War and Decision,” said he hadn’t decided what to do next. “I’m intensely occupied with book stuff,” and there are “several things I’m thinking about,” he said.

Word is that keeping Feith on beyond the two-year term again would have infuriated a number of faculty members.