Where in the World is Tommy K?

Thomas Kontogiannis, the Greek-born businessman and veteran cooperator who’s pled guilty to helping bribe Duke Cunningham, has gotten kid glove treatment from prosecutors. But here’s something that seems to have puzzled even the trial judge.

As we noted last week, The North County Times reported that they’d tracked down Tommy K at a five-star hotel in Greece. It seemed an odd place to find an admitted felon. Judge Larry Burns agrees. From The San Diego Union-Tribune:

[John Michael’s lawyer Raymond Granger] said that Kontogiannis has been on vacation in Greece this summer. Since pleading guilty, Kontogiannis has been free on a bond, but surrendered his passport to federal authorities and was allowed to travel out of the country only if accompanied by federal agents, or with their permission.

Burns seemed intrigued by that revelation, and ordered prosecutors to find out if it was true. He said he might hold another hearing to “clarify the terms” of Kontogiannis’ bail.

“On no occasion did I contemplate he would be vacationing in Greece pending sentencing,” Burns said.

So it seems that there might soon be a Grecian five-star hotel clause in Kontogiannis bail.

There was another major revelation in yesterday’s hearing, which centered on Michael’s motion to dismiss the charges against him. The SDUT also reports that prosecutors “indicated” that Kontogiannis might not testify against his nephew Michael and alleged Duke-briber Brent Wilkes. Perhaps they’ve calculated that all Tommy K’s dirty laundry (which Michael’s lawyer did his best to air) might become a distraction for a jury.