Unlike His Votes, Duke’s Booty is a Bargain

Dispatch from the field. from Los Angeles, Calif., reader AP reports on today’s auction of booty belonging to disgraced former lawmaker Randy “Duke” Cunningham. Apparently, deals were had:

Cunningham’s loot sold for a total of $92,725 by my count, ranging from a $10,000 rug (real nice) to a $225 folding screen (junk). It seemed to my inexperienced eye that nice antiques were going for well under market value. The hall was crawling with press but all of the bidding was serious except for one goofball in a bad tux with an American flag bowtie who tried to bid with a pingpong paddle with a picture of Stephen Colbert instead of his bidder’s number. I think the auctioneer was rather amused.

You heard it here first, folks. It sounds like we may even have scooped the Colbert Report.

See our post yesterday for pictures of the booty.