Reyes: Hayden-Helgerson CIA Feud ‘Troubling’

House intelligence committee chairman Silvestre Reyes (D-TX) just released the following statement on CIA Director Mike Hayden’s investigation of CIA Inspector General John Helgerson:

“The initiation of this investigation, if accurately reported, is troubling. By law, the CIA Inspector General is required ‘to plan, conduct, supervise, and coordinate independently… relating to the programs and operations of the Agency to ensure they are conducted efficiently and in accordance with applicable law and regulations…’

“It is this independence that Congress established, and will very aggressively preserve.

“I have always supported General Hayden and the outstanding men and women of the Central Intelligence Agency, and I look forward to discussing this issue with them as soon as possible.”

Notice no promise to investigate the investigation of the investigator.

Update: Reyes’s spokeswoman, Kira Maas, says that the CIA has agreed to brief the House intelligence committee next week on the Helgerson investigation.