Waxman Scheds Hearing for Twenty-Something Arms Contractor

Dude! It’s time to testify before Congress!

House sleuth Henry Waxman (D-CA) read the news today, oh boy. And he wants 22 year-old AEY President Efraim Diveroli, his 25 year-old VP (and masseur) David Packouz, and the company’s general manager, also 25, to testify before Congress about how they managed to get a $300 million U.S. contract to supply (sometimes forty year-old) ammunition to the Afghan Army, among other contracts. Waxman also wants officials from the Department of Defense and Department of State to appear as well. He’s set the date of April 17th.

Update: Here’s a copy of the letter that the Army sent AEY on Tuesday, suspending any further contracts. The attached letter also runs through all of the contracts AEY won since 2004.