Sanchez: Kerik Was Focused on Busting Baghdad Whorehouses

More score settling. Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez opens fire on Bernie Kerik’s time training the Iraqi police in Iraq:

“He is a very energetic guy. He is very confident – overconfident to an extent – and he is very superficial in his understanding of the requirements of his job,” Sanchez said. “His whole contribution was a waste of time and effort.”…

Sanchez said Kerik focused more on “conducting raids and liberating prostitutes” than training the Iraqis.

“They’d get tips and they’d go and actually raid a whorehouse,” Sanchez told The News. “Their focus becomes trying to do tactical police operations in the city of Baghdad, when in fact there is a much greater mission that they should be doing, which is training the police.”…

Kerik denied arresting any prostitutes in Iraq and said the Army always knew about his operations.