US Attorney’s Office Involved In Voter-Fraud Probe in NM

We’ve got a bit more information on the FBI’s investigation into voter fraud that’s taking place in New Mexico.

Last Friday, the Associated Press reported that FBI agents had met with Bernalillo County clerk Maggie Toulouse Oliver, “after she notified authorities about an estimated 1,500 possibly fraudulent voter registration cards.”

And speaking today to TPMmuckraker, Toulouse Oliver added a bit of detail to that picture. She said she had passed on redacted copies of the suspicious forms (many of which had badly mismatched information, or listed addresses that did not exist) to the offices of the District Attorney and the US Attorney in the area. When the FBI contacted her, it said it had been asked to follow up by the US Attorney’ office. And the meeting between Toulouse Oliver and an FBI agent was also attended by an Assistant US Attorney.

The US Attorney’s office didn’t return a call seeking comment. But it appears that the office is taking a lead role in the investigation.

It’s worth noting that David Iglesias was fired from that very US Attorney’s office largely for his reluctance to pursue bogus voter fraud claims.

What’s still unclear is how closely the probe is tied to the nationwide investigation into ACORN’s voter registration activities that we learned about last week. ACORN is active in Bernalillo County.