Hookergate: Hitting the Streets, Coming Up Empty

In addition to stopping by the Watergate Hotel yesterday, I hit up a number of other hotels to see what anyone could tell me about Shirlington Limo, which reportedly ferried hookers and congressmen to parties hosted by crooked contractor Brent Wilkes.

The trip was largely a bust. Doormen and concierges at the Hilton Washington (a.k.a. the Hinckley Hilton), the Fairmont, the Ritz-Carlton, the Watergate, the Westin Grand and the Marriott Washington all said they’d never heard of the company.

I spoke to maybe a dozen limo and shuttle drivers, also, most of whom stared blankly when I mentioned Shirlington Limo. Two drivers recognized the name, and one offered to put me in touch with friends who’d driven for the company. We’ll see what pans out.