‘Hey, Dude, Your Pants Are On Fire’: ‘Underwear Bomber’ To Plead Guilty

k12/ZUMA Press/Newscom

Updated:Oct. 12, 12:42PM

Some breaking news from the trial of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab: the Nigerian man who allegedly tried to blow up an airplane with a bomb in his underwear plans to plead guilty, according to the Associated Press.

The development came on the second day of the trial. On Monday, witness Mike Zantow testified that he heard another passenger tell Abdulmatallab: “Hey, dude, your pants are on fire.”

Jurors were supposed to hear from a flight attendant and other passengers on the December 2009 flight today.

Attorney General Eric Holder said the outcome proved that civilian courts could handle terrorism cases.“Contrary to what some have claimed, today’s plea removes any doubt that our courts are one of the most effective tools we have to fight terrorism and keep the American people safe,” Holder said in a statement.

“Our priority in this case was to ensure that we arrested a man who tried to do us harm, that we collected actionable intelligence from him and that we prosecuted him in a way that was consistent with the rule of law,” Holder said. “We will continue to be aggressive in our fight against terrorism and those who target us, and we will let results, not rhetoric, guide our actions.”