Harman: “If There Are Tapes Out There, Bring It On!”

Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA) just appeared on MSNBC to give a guns blazing denial of the allegations in CQ‘s explosive report from yesterday.

The congresswoman, speaking to Andrea Mitchell, reiterated her claim that she didn’t intervene with anyone — not the Justice Department, or the White House — in the AIPAC case. And she renewed her call for DOJ to disclose all the material associated with the investigation into her that, according to CQ‘s report, Alberto Gonzales helped stymie.“If there are tapes out there, bring it on!” she said, calling the government wiretapping that reportedly picked up her conversation, “a gross abuse of power.”

Harman said she had no need to make a quid pro quo with AIPAC. “I have a long friendship with AIPAC. I didn’t need to cut some deal with AIPAC.”

She said it was publicly known that she wanted the House Intel committee job, and added: “I believed that I had been promised that [job] in writing,” by Nancy Pelosi.

We’ll have the full video for you shortly.

Late Update: Here’s the video…