Fox’s McCarver, Buck, Aikman Got US Marshals Escort From Games

Baseball may be our national pastime — and football our real national game — but that doesn’t mean taxpayers should be paying to make it easier for Fox Sports’ announcer team to get away from the stadium more easily.

A new report by the Justice Department’s inspector general finds that a lawyer for the U.S. Marshals Service arranged for the Marshals Service to provide a private escort for the limousines of Fox’s star broadcasters, Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, after two World Series games at Fenway Park in 2007.

The report also found that the lawyer, Joseph Band, had arranged for a US Marshals escort for Buck and colleague Troy Aikman, the former Cowboys star, after a January 2008 NFL playoff game in Tampa.

Band was working as a paid statistician for Fox Sports at the time.