Fox News Sugarcoats News Corp Phone Hacking, Condemns Media For ‘Piling On’

Here’s the Fox News coverage of the News Corp phone hacking scandal that you’ve been waiting for.On Fox And Friends Friday, host Steve Doocy welcomed Bob Dilenschneider of the Dilenschneider Group, whom he introduced as “a man who knows about media” who also used to run one of the biggest P.R. firms in the country.

The two discussed the News Of The World phone hacking scandal that has plagued Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp for the past few weeks. Fox News is, of course, owned by News Corp, which Doocy did specify at the top of the segment.

But he also characterized the scandal as “just one of the recent hacking scandals,” and compared it to the recent revelations that hackers had stolen 24,000 documents from the Pentagon. Though he failed to clarify that in this case News Of The World reporters were the ones doing the hacking.

Dilenschneider agreed. “The issue really is, why are so many people piling on at this point?” he asked. “Shouldn’t we get beyond it and really deal with the issue of hacking? Citigroup has been hacked into, Bank Of America has been hacked into, American Express has been hacked into, insurance companies have been hacked into. We’ve got a serious hacking problem in this country.”

Doocy was equally outraged: “The company has come forward and they’ve said ‘look, this happened a long time ago, at a tabloid, in London.’ Somebody did something really bad and the company reacted, they closed that newspaper, all those people got fired, even though 99% of them absolutely had nothing to do with it.”

He added: “You look at some sites you would think that Martians had landed in New Jersey again. We’ve got some serious problems in this country right now.”

As James Fallows of The Atlantic pointed out, serious problems turned out to be: “Casey Anthony set to be released from prison in two days.”


h/t Erik Wemple/Washington Post.