Foggo Plays Dumb on Best Man’s Company

Now that the heat is really on Dusty Foggo, the CIA’s #3 man and Brent Wilkes’ longtime best buddy, it would seem that now’s the time for him to get his story straight.

Investigators are reportedly focused on one contract in particular, a multi-million dollar deal to provide water to CIA operatives in the Middle East which was cut while Foggo was responsible for purchasing in the region.

Mark Hosenball of Newsweek reported earlier that “official sources” say Foggo didn’t sign the contract — but that Foggo told friends “he may have tipped off Wilkes that CIA contracts were coming up for bid.”

Now Foggo’s lawyer is saying nearly the opposite: Foggo may have signed the contract after all, but he had “no idea that Archer Logistics was associated with Mr. Wilkes.”

Hmm. So which version is right? Maybe the answer is in one of the many boxes of evidence removed from Foggo’s house and office today….