Feds Want Jefferson To Serve Up To 33 Years

ZUMA Press/Newscom

Federal prosecutors want former congressman William Jefferson to serve up to 33 years in prison.

Court documents filed by the Feds today, and reported by Roll Call, state: “The Probation Office has calculated the Sentencing Guidelines for Congressman Jefferson … in a guideline range of 324 to 405 months or approximately 27 to 33 years of imprisonment.”The documents continue:

Because Congressman Jefferson’s crimes against the people of the United States were exceptional in their sheer number, length, and breadth, the United States respectfully requests that this Court sentence the defendant within the applicable guideline range. While the guidelines sentence calculated by the Probation Office is lengthy, it is appropriate, in that Congressman Jefferson’s criminal activities have surely caused or substantially added to the loss of public confidence and trust in our nation’s highest levels of government.

In August, the former Louisiana Democratic lawmaker was convicted on 11 counts relating to a web of schemes in which he used political contacts to help American companies win contracts in West African countries. In return, payments or other financial benefits were given to Jefferson family members’ companies.

Jefferson’s sentencing is scheduled for Friday in U.S. District Court.