Feds: Indicted Florida Lobbyist Used Political Funds For Shag Pad

Alan Mendelsohn, the indicted Florida lobbyist and Charlie Crist supporter, diverted some of the money he raised through political contributions to buy a love-nest for himself and his girlfriend, and a car for her, according to documents filed today by federal prosecutors.

From the indictment:

Between in or about April 2003 and continuing through February 2005, Mendelsohn caused approximately $60,000 in checks to be sent directly to his mistress on a monthly basis, and additional checks to be sent to his mistress through a corporation she created at Mendelsohn’s suggestion in March 2004 to receive the funds covertly….

According to the indictment, Mendelsohn is married. In a handwritten addition, prosecutors refer to “$100,000 personal surety to be co-signed by wife, sister and brother-in-law.”And later….

Mendelsohn caused approximately $240,000 in additional funds from PAC #2 and PAC #3 to be paid to his mistress to purchase and paint a personal residence for them and to buy a car for her, among other things.

It wasn’t all spent on shag pads and other gifts for his girlfriend, though. Also from the indictment:

Mendelsohn caused the issuance of $35,000 in checks as payments to the tutor preparing his children to take the Standardized Achievement Test (SAT) for college entrance.

So there’s that.