Feds Indict California ‘Bomb Factory’ Suspect On Eight Counts

George Djura Jakubec, a San Diego County resident accused of having a “bomb factory” inside his home, was indicted yesterday on eight counts by federal prosecutors.

In light of the indictment, San Diego County prosecutors dropped their case against Jakubec.Jakubec pleaded not guilty last Monday to 26 charges related to nine pounds of explosive materials allegedly found in his home. Deputy District Attorney Terri Perez described it as the “largest quantity of this type of homemade explosives found in one location in the history of the United States.”

Officials announced Tuesday that they will burn down the house in question, possibly next week, since removing the materials manually proved too dangerous. Officials have already begun constructing a wall to shield neighboring homes from the blaze.

The North County Times reports:

The indictment includes many of the same factual allegations made by county prosecutors. Among the allegations are that Jakubec made destructive devices, including nine detonators and 13 grenade hulls with a high amount of explosives.

Additionally, the indictment accuses Jakubec of stealing about $54,000 during three different bank heists. Jakubec reportedly admitted to the three robberies during a jailhouse interview, according to an affidavit obtained by the Los Angeles Times.

According to the North County Times, it was unclear as of last night whether or not Jakubec will be arraigned in federal court.

Jakubec had previously been eligible for bail at $5 million, but yesterday the U.S. marshal service put a hold on his bail.