Ex-Ensign Aide Doug Hampton Reaches Plea Deal

Doug Hampton, the former aide to ex-Sen. John Ensign, has reached a plea deal with federal prosecutors, according to a court records.

Details of the plea deal were not immediately available, but court records show that Hampton has a plea agreement hearing scheduled for June 7. Hampton, whose wife Cynthia Hampton had an affair with Ensign, pleaded not guilty to seven separate charges in April 2011 of violating laws banning congressional staffers and members of Congress from lobbying the legislative branch for a year after they leave their positions.

Hampton’s plea deal was first reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Hampton last appeared in federal court in D.C. in January, where there were no signs he was cooperating with the federal government. His trip was paid for by the U.S. Marshals Service because he was financially unable to pay his own way.A Senate Ethics Committee report found there was substantial and credible evidence that Ensign conspired to violate the post-employment lobbying restriction but he was never charged by the Justice Department. Ensign is currently working as a veterinarian.

A.J. Kramer, Hampton’s public defender, did not immediately respond to TPM’s requests for comment. Justice Department spokeswoman Alisa Finelli declined to comment.

Late update: Kramer told TPM that the agreement hasn’t yet been signed but said it could happen next week.