Ex-Commissioner Kerik’s Mug Shot Released; NYC Tabloids Revel

Former New York Police commissioner, Homeland Security secretary nominee, and beefsteak dinner honoree Bernie Kerik is now inmate 210717 at the Westchester County jail, after a judge revoked Kerik’s bail yesterday.

The New York Post declares, “Bernie Kerik in the clink.” The Daily News blows up the mug shot to grotesque pixelation.A judge ordered Kerik to jail yesterday for breaking a protective order in one of the three criminal cases he currently faces. In this case, prosecutors allege that Kerik got free apartment renovations in exchange for vouching for a company that wanted city business.

The New York Times provides some clarity on how specifically Kerik ended up in the clink:

Judge Robinson said Mr. Kerik had violated the terms of his bail in providing the sealed information to a New Jersey lawyer who has helped raise money for Mr. Kerik’s defense but is not formally part of the defense team.

The lawyer, Anthony K. Modafferi III, e-mailed the material to The Washington Times in an effort to generate coverage that would disparage prosecutors, Judge Robinson said. The judge did not reveal the nature of the information, which remains under seal, but said the newspaper did not publish any of it.

Washington Times editor John Solomon said in response: “Because the court was not more specific, we’re not sure what they claim was under seal.”

And lest you worry that this is all about Old Media leaks — don’t. There’s a Twitter angle. Prosecutors say Kerik was using his Twitter account to direct his (232) followers to Modafferi’s anti-prosecution Web site, the Daily News reports.